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It’s a shout, not a whisper!

QYKSonic wants everyone to feel confident about their skin. Our one of a kind advanced skincare device is designed with technology to achieve healthy, radiant skin. Cleansing with any of our Zoe devices the patent T-Sonic pulsations help to work debris, dirt and oils to the surface to achieve an advanced deep cleanse. Gentle enough to use twice a day and effective to use on all skin types. QYKSonic is headquartered in Garden Grove, California, USA. We are not your average beauty device company. From day one we made it our mission to create a brand unlike any other. We value our customers, we build strong relationships and we are ever evolving. Our device will help customers achieve the most advanced cleansing treatment at home. The Zoe device provides our Dermatologist, Cosmetics Surgeons and Skin Care professional with multiple options to deliver the most advanced treatments for clients. It is not just a cleansing device. QYKSONIC creates state of the art, medical grade, luxury beauty products. QYKSONIC products deliver affordable, luxury beauty solutions that are proprietary and proven to deliver outstanding results. Cleanse, exfoliate and massage with a QYKSONIC and enjoy your healthy, radiant skin.